This process begins with receiving the requisition for recruitment from different department of the organization to us−

• Number of positions
• Duties and responsibilities to be performed
• Qualification, experience required and other essential details
• When a vacancy is identified, it is the responsibility of IDS to provide the right resource for the team and the organization, which involves Proper identification, planning and evaluation to hire the right resource for the team and the organization.

• CV screening and shortlisting – We match the requirement of the client with CV which we get from the candidate
Telephonic round of Interview – 15-20 minute phone interview provides valuable insight about the candidates. We develop the set of questions that address the Key roles and responsibilities. The candidates that score well after this stage should, we shortlisted there profiles

• There are several stages involve after the Interview round, like Background screening, Document screening, keeping the candidate active and engaged by timely calling and maintaining Interaction with them

Yes we can assist in finding the candidates from any Region

The nominal recruitment fees is charged as per the Industry standard

Exceptional Service, Realistic Commitments, Working with deadlines and providing wide range of quality to the company as needed.

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