About Us

When organizations are in dire need of HR expertise and innovation, they look to us.

Fragmented from the IDS Group in Hong Kong, IDS Human Resources Consultancy is a new and upcoming name in the Human Resources industry in UAE.

IDS is a representation of vibrancy, excellence, innovation and talent.  

A boutique HR consultancy and placement firm, IDS HR consultancy believes in making a long term investment in you in order to build a lasting relationship. We focus on strategically turning the tables for you, so you come out successful in every endeavour you set your foot in!


Choose us

We introduce ourselves as the saviours and servers of the society. We serve all our clients – freshers and corporates – as their strategic business partners and consultants, with full passion and dedication.
We are committed in our search of finding the right talent for the right industry. We only want to propel the right people in the right place. This is how we contribute to your goals – both organizational and career!
We ensure integrity and accountability in all the aspects of our services. Our prime focus is gratifying you at all times through our services, that are an amalgamation of excellence, quality and innovation.

Talent Acquisition 93%
Compensation Consulting 70%
Corporate Ethics Program 86%

Helping You Put Systems in Place that Work

Our services and deliverances are unmatched, in terms of values and morals. This is how we have managed to enjoy a magnificent and grand record of consistent growth through our upscale performance.

Our need to dialogue with our clients is what helps us understand and offer our clients with customizable solutions to all their problems, no matter how large they are!

As leaders in the industry our prime focus is one the overall development of an organisation, by aligning our strategies and their goals together. Through this alignment, we have managed to serve multiple industries with equal levels of dedication – oil and gas, IT, civil engineering, construction, finance, retail, media, pharma, etc.

Our mission

At IDS Human Resources Consultancy, we are regulated by an exclusive mission – a mission to make your organization succeed with our goal driven and cost effective HR solutions.

We only want what we think is the best for your organization. We strive to understand the hidden challenges that a modern-day organization faces and fix them for you with our expertise to provide you with immense success in the long run.Our fundamental mission therefore, is to address the problems and redress them later.

Our Vision

We look forward to making a change in this world, one day at a time, making the world a better and a happier place through our spectrum of services amalgamated with our beliefs and morals.

Founder and CEO

A man of many hidden talents – the powerhouse of IDS Human Resources Consultancy – Mr. Vikas has been the visionary behind the growth of IDS in UAE.

With over ten years’ worth of experience, he has the professional calibre and confidence that is a prelude to his work. In the past decade, he has had an experience of working with finest names globally, some of them including – MA Kharafi & Sons, Tecnimont Pvt. Ltd., Doosan babcock, Trojan Holdings, Essar Group, Kharafi National. L&T, Commodore Contracting Co. and many more. Mr. Vikas has provided his unmatched talent and expertise to all these organizations, helping them reach new avenues of success!

Laurels were brought to his professional career by working in close proximity with the pristine Embassy of India for the amelioration of eMigrate systems. His professional relationship with the Embassy of India continued when he was invited to be a part of their meeting on Economic Conditions of MENA regions, by the First Secretary of the Embassy in Abu Dhabi.

His career saw a drastic growth when he plunged to capture the Human Resources market by actively participating in the Amnesty Job Seekers fair, again arranged by the Embassy of India.

Candid, promising, proficient, versatile and undisputed - he is the man of the hour!